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From Grape to Glass

From the tilling of the fields to the pouring of the wine we focus every effort on creating exceptional wines and ciders for all to enjoy. With a selection of both reds and whites made from our many varieties of grapes and apples there is sure to be something for everyone. Stop by our tasting room to try them all!


(We can currently only ship wines to locations in Michigan)

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2010 Pinot Noir Wine

2010 Pinot Noir

A dry red wine, with a hearty nose of leather and black licorice. This medium bodied Pinot fills your mouth with un-ripened blackberry and wild cherry! Ask us about our GOLD MEDAL….

  • Cases: 126
  • Alc %: 12.5%
  • Price: $27
Hawkins Wine

2012 Hawkins Red

Elegant and smooth, this light bodied red has an unbelievable strawberry nose and finishes with a dry peppery kick!

  • Alc %: 12.5%
  • Price: $17
Solem Farm Red Wine

Solem Farm Red (House Blend)

Coined the back yard BBQ style red, this "gateway" red will tease your palate with the sweetness of summer and the pepper of fall.

  • Alc %: 12.0%
  • Price: $14
2012 Peach Fizz

2012 Peach Fizz

What if you took a fantastic vintage of Chardonnay, blended it with fresh local peaches and added some tiny bubbles? We wanted to find out. Give this a try!

  • Alc %: 12.5%
  • Price: $14
Schaub Farm White Wine

Schaub Farm White (House Blend)

Now we are just getting crazy! A blend of Riesling, Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay. The Sweet Trilogy!

  • Alc %: 12.0%
  • Price: $11
Riesling Select Harvest Wine

2011 Riesling Harvest Select

A rich body with an exceptional fruit sweet flavor. A wonderful blend of citrus, pear and peach, finely balanced and harmonious. The perfect conversation wine!

  • Cases: 300
  • Alc %: 10.5%
  • Price: $14
Cherry Wine

Cherry Wine

A must try! Delicious and refreshing, blended fresh from a few different varieties of cherries straight from our own orchards. Quickly becoming a well known favorite. Cheers to Cherries!

  • Alc %: 9.5%
  • Price: $14
Chardonnay Sur Lie Wine

2009 Chardonnay Sur Lie

A classic un-oaked style, aged is stainless steel this Chard provides flavors of starfruit and herbs finishing with an overwhelming note of toffee.

  • Cases: 186
  • Alc %: 12.0%
  • Price: $8
Bianca Wine

2011 Bianca

Our flagship wine! Truly a wine that sets itself apart from the rest in Northern Michigan, incredibly soft, light white wine with tastes of pear and grapefruit.

  • Cases: 416
  • Alc %: 12.5%
  • Price: $17
Pinot Grigio Wine

2011 Pinot Grigio

This crisp, fruit-forward wine provides golden apple flavor with a silky smooth finish.

  • Cases: 282
  • Alc %: 12.5%
  • Price: $15
Caramel Apple Hard Cider

On Tap! Caramel Apple Hard Cider

A Ida Red cider lightly carbonated and infused with caramel. ON TAP! How could you go wrong? Have a taste. Have a mini glass. Have a pint. Take a Growler (half gallon) home. YUM!

  • The Mini (6 oz): $3
  • The Pint (duh, it's a pint): $5
  • The Growler (1/2 gallon jug): $15
  • The Refill: $12